Collins - Cobuild IELTS Dictionary
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Collins - Cobuild IELTS Dictionary

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Cobuild IELTS Dictionary - The essential dictionary for success in the IELTS exam

All the words and phrases you need for a high IELTS score, explained in full sentences. Authentic examples from the Collins Corpus, specially selected to show the style of language used in the IELTS exam. Words that frequently appear in the IELTS exam are clearly labelled, showing you which words to learn first. Over 500 engaging feature boxes, showing collocations, related words and usage information to help you build your vocabulary. Thousands of synonyms and synonyms enable you to create variety in your spoken and written English. The sections on Writing for IELTS ang Speaking for IELTS help you to used English accurately and confidently during the exam and beyond. Mời bạn đón đọc.

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