Active Skills For Reading 1 (3 Ed.): Text

Active Skills For Reading 1 (3 Ed.): Text

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Active Skills For Reading 1 (3 Ed.): Text Lượt xem: 812 người
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Active Skills For Reading 1 (3 Ed.): Text 0 Vote
ACTIVE Skills for Reading is an exciting five-level reading series that develops learners' reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Written by reading specialist Neil J. Anderson, the new edition of this best-selling series uses an ACTIVE approach to help learners become more confident, independent--and active--readers. ACTIVE Reading A = Activate Prior Knowledge C = Cultivate Vocabulary T = Think About Meaning I = Increase Reading Fluency V = Verify Strategies E = Evaluate Progress Xem thêm
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Nhà xuất bản Heinle ELT
Nhà phát hành CDIMex
Giá bìa 125.000 vnđ
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Kích thước 20.1 x 25.2 x 1.1 cm
Ngày phát hành 02/08/2019
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